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Ability Groups

Orange Group

Our orange group ranges from complete beginner to budding fitness enthusiast. We focus on building your base and core level of all aspects of fitness. Our instructors lead from the front, delivering well planned, creative and fun military-style fitness classes. These sessions are also supported with a strong hint of military banter perfected over years of service. This takes your mind off the workout and you’ll barely notice an hour has gone by once you reach the end.

Green Group

Once you’ve progressed from the fitness enthusiast up to the very fittest, this is the group for you. We will have built your foundations and done the groundwork with you in preparation for you to push those limits. We will do this whilst measuring progression so you can track improvement. You will face some of the very best and on occasions some of the toughest outdoor fitness workouts the British Forces have to offer. These sessions will be delivered with a firm military tone, with humour never far behind.

This is our signature session. Groups will move around the venue with the instructor, stopping for structured, progressive and fun fitness stations. There are normally 3 – 8 stations per session and you’ll cover between 2 and 6 km in total. The Orange Group will typically cover less distance and at an easier pace than the Green Group to ensure it’s achievable for all.

    A power hour of indoor and outdoor circuit training. This fitness class is typically delivered in a static location, with a wide range of exercises and mix of kit and equipment. Don’t be fooled by the word static because you won’t be! The class takes place for an hour but you’ll only be ‘beasted’ for 40 minutes, with the additional time allocated for your warm up and cool down.


      A super-session including lots of equipment and top military banter! Perfected with years of military training delivery, this is the real deal. Working in a team you’ll form up, receive a mission brief then prepare to move!

        This is our cardio-focused workout. Each class varies; it might be a steady-state run one week, a fartlek or interval session the next, or even a cardio-based circuit class. One thing is for sure, these sessions are inclusive and testing for all abilities.

        HIIT is currently ranked as the number one fitness trend in the world according to the American College of Sports Medicine. The class involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. Here at BB we deliver HIIT in our own unique style. Our secret ingredient: we won’t tell you how long each session will last!

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