Prepare for Battle

Suitable for

All ability levels



Minimum 60 minute class



What is Combat PT?

Perfected with years of military training delivery, this is the real deal. Working in a team you’ll form up, receive a mission brief then prepare to move!

Each session will throw you to the edge of your comfort zone, combining lifts, carries, tons of teamwork and even, on occasion, some mental challenges. Think of it as your Sunday League sports game – this is the one you’ve been training all week for. Now it’s time to form your team, give it all you’ve got and leave nothing on the table!

Combat PT

The session is delivered in a format that spares no one, but equally leaves no one behind. You’ll be beaming with pride by the end… and surprisingly excited for the next one!

Benefits of Combat PT


One of the unique aspects of Combat PT is the back-to-basics, no-nonsense approach. Our instructor’s role is to drive members to achieve challenging goals and keep you accountable to yourself. We won’t be as brutal as our experiences within military, but likewise we are also not going to let people off the hook with a half-effort.

We know you’re turning up to this class to be challenged and pushed and we will make sure you have every opportunity to do exactly that! 

You will never be pushed beyond your physical capabilities, but the intense yet light-hearted approach of our instructors are the underlying goal of rapid improvement. If you truly believe you can change and improve, you’ll get tougher, stronger and more self-confident as you start to see measurable results.

We’ll make sure you get the most out of these truly unique and exciting sessions.



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