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Suitable for

All ability levels



60 minute class


Outdoor locations

 What is Run Ready?


This is our cardio-focused workout that combines training with technique tuition. Each class varies; so one week you might be doing a steady-state run then a fartlek or interval session the next. We also mix in cardio-based circuit class to ensure there’s constant variety. One thing is for sure, these sessions are inclusive and testing for all abilities. As a result, no matter what your fitness level or aim we will be able to get you to achieve your goal.



We realise that running is not all about putting one foot in front of the other so our Cardio clinics are supported by online content that will help educate and inspire you. This allows for an informed progression. We never leave anyone behind so no whether you are at the front or the back of the group, you are always included without having to constantly sprint to keep up. 

What’s more, by training in a group environment you’ll benefit from the support and motivation of others around you, ensuring you work your absolute hardest at every session.  

Benefits of Running


Many experts think human bodies are shaped the way they are because we evolved to be extremely effective endurance runners. This explains the shapes of our hips and feet, the length of our legs, our shock-absorbing spinal discs, and our ability to sweat, making it possible for us to run mile after mile. The benefits of our classes include:

  • Running improves aerobic fitness
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • It burns calories so supports weight loss
  • Build strength and endurance
  • Provides psychological benefits and mental wellbeing
  • Develops self discipline

If you’re training for a running event we can work with you to improve your pace and endurance, so you have an enjoyable and comfortable race and take home the gold at the end!

Exercises to expect:


  • Track sessions
  • Off-road and on road sessions
  • Incline/decline Sessions
  • Fartlek (Swedish for speedplay)
  • Intervals
  • Steady state
  • Walking and running plans

Run Ready in Action


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